About IWP, Book Publishers

Historic photo of Isaac Westmoreland Isaac Westmoreland, the man depicted in our company logo and pictured to the right, was born a slave. Freed after the Civil War, he built a home and a thriving boot making business in Atlanta, Georgia before the dawn of the 20th century. He was a founder of Atlanta’s First Congregational Church. He sent nine of his 11 children who survived to adulthood to college.

The ex-slave’s legacy survives into the 21st century. In 2006, Isaac Westmoreland’s granddaughter, author Eva Neal Rutland, his great granddaughter, Ginger Rutland and great great grandson John Hooper established a publishing company which bears his name. IWP stands for Isaac Westmoreland Publishing – a symbol of more than adversity overcome but of triumph and hope.

Our pledge is to publish books that will bring readers a lift, some laughter and a love for each other. We pledge also to publish books of substance, books that expose injustice, that defend the weak and the dispossessed and that celebrate the qualities that Isaac Westmoreland embodied - courage, perseverance, hard work and justice.